operates a dedicated, cloud-based platform to conduct DDoS test attacks on networks, appliances and applications. With the help of this platform, we check the effectiveness of your DDoS defense mechanisms.

In addition to team training and reviewing the anti-DDoS measures, more and more the performance of performance records is the focus of our stress tests. We have extensive experience in testing the entire chain, from BGP-side entypoint to anti-DDoS appliances, firewalls, load balancers and application servers.

A selection of manufacturers, technologies and providers that we have already tested:

Part of our stress test are comprehensive analyzes (OSINT) in advance and integrated monitoring of attacked targets in order to be able to make qualitative, measurable statements on performance and limits.

Reasons for a stress test

  • performance record for the individual network components
  • check whether DDoS protection measures work as desired (proof of function),
  • Measuring your own protection level compared to the threat level according to the DDoS Resiliency Score
  • Test if administrators are adequately trained for a DDoS attack
  • Optimize the workflow in the event of a DDoS attack
  • Estimate the effects of a successful attack
  • Estimate the cost / effort of a successful attack

The following targets/technologies can be tested:

  • networks
  • BGP routers
  • Firewalls and VPN gateways
  • Web server / Web infrastructure
  • APIs
  • SSL-Offloader
  • Loadbalancer
  • DNS Infrastructure
  • any TCP services
  • DDoS-Appliances
  • WebApplicationFirewalls
  • IDS / IPS
  • CDNs
  • cloud-based DDoS protection (Akamai, CloudFront, CloudFlare)
  • Inhouse DDoS protection

attack vectors

  • Layer 3/4 (volumetrics attacks)
  • Layer 7 (attacks on applications)
  • Botnet-Simulation
  • Attacks against firewalls
  • Attacks against load balancers
  • DNS Waterboarding
  • There are over 50 different attack types
  • individually designed attacks
  • Real World Botnet Simulations (10,000 IPs)
  • Paperwork and dry run exercises to test emergency workflows


  • DDoS-Stresstest-Flyer (PDF)