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The ransomware wave, which has threatened businesses worldwide for weeks in tow with the corona chaos, is slowly reaching Cyberia Germany now; one of the first larger victims, energy provider "Technische Werke Ludwigshafen TWL" being hit on May 7, according to a report by media-outlet Heidelberg24.

Subsequent to the original ransomware attack the data were then published by Clop Group on May 11.


TWL-Angriff in den Medien

utb twl

Update: the original article has been published on May 14th; 6 weeks later, at the end of June, the predictions made here are more than fulfilled, like the screenshots of leaks, breaches and accesses available for sale (BMW, LG, banks, payment providers etc ...) below are showing, which are a sampleset from the last 3 days (June 21-24, 2020) shows ; Honda had been hit in early June.


BMW-Customer-Data for sale


Access to a payment-provider or sale


LG-Data for sale


Customer-Data from a bank for sale


Access to a city-network for sale



Honda hit by ransomware, had to shut down production

Ransomware groups attacking infrastructure directly

Besides the common attack vector via spam/malware mails a new trend has loomed since early 2020, which has been confirmed by different media and analyses: the ransomware groups are increasingly intruding networks via security gaps or via stolen/hacked RDP access, finding a variety of targets in a large number of data centers.


Ransomware-gangs using RDP access and security gaps

We are monitoring the threat situation for infrastructure operators continuously and published more Security Bulletins with critical vulnerabilities within the first months of 2020 than we previously did within a whole year, and there was about everything in it; Webservers, ApplicationServer, infrastructure tools, firewalls, VPN gateways ... a selection can be found here:

Microsoft has noticed this trend as well and published it in an analysis on April 28, including a series of counter measures. ( Ransomware groups continue to target healthcare, critical services; here’s how to reduce risk )


Analysis by MS on attack vectors for ransomware groups

Furthermore, the NSA has published a document with an analysis of the paths attackers use to get access to networks for the purpose of performing further actions (data exfil, ransomware).


Attack vectors for successful attacks on networks, by systems and gaps

Issues can be outlined as follows:

  • At the beginning of the corona crisis many businesses acted with precipitation and either opened up RDP access outwards or made other mistakes, sometimes with fatal impact: "Sadly we have seen some orgs drop "domain users" into their VPN groups to scale up WFH. We're discovering more valid creds during brute forcing with generic usernames such as meeting-room, conference, vendor, and other dormant but not disabled accounts.";

  • Security officers/CISOs who are not familiar with the concept of "external attack surface" and who don’t question the statement of "our firewall is going to settle this" are surprised by security incidents, particularly since they lack the appropriate overviews.

  • The patchlevel is often insufficient

As a result, there is active RDP access trading on the darknet; through one of our cooperation partners, we can access a database containing current and previous access data for servers, services and systems being traded on the darknet. The database contains 2.3 M access data on 870,000 systems, with half a million added since March, which is about the same as previously within a whole year; there are 37,000 IPs for Germany; 5 systems from TWL’s network (AS 9022) are listed where access data are available on the darknet.

SUMMARY for rdp_trading_darknet

IPs       : 876.249
Networks  : 116.752 
ASNs      :  16.819
Countries :     220

Top 10 Countries

Country |  Count   
     US | 222304 
     CN | 139160 
     BR |  69952 
     DE |  36941 
     IN |  23189 
     GB |  20993 
     FR |  20175 
     ES |  17807 
     CA |  15755 
     IT |  15037 


Access to TWL systems for sale on the darknet


RDP access data on a darknet trading platform


Cybercrime store sells 43,000 hacked servers, via ZDNet

Counter measures

Every IT security officer in an organization operating more than one public IP should be aware of the problem and can provide visibility  -which is the base for improvement- by use of a few simple measures:

  • Measuring the current external attack surface through a manual recon or an automated tool such as Luup (Asset-Discovery and Asset-Management)
  • Identifying possible vulnerabilities, internal or critical systems which should not be available to the whole world
  • Eliminating the attack points
  • GOTO 10: continuous monitoring of the external attack surface

These simple measures, which don’t require any large new hardware, appliances or solutions investments, enable implementing quick and effective measures in order to increase security levels against external attacks significantly and to avoid being the next entry in the ransomware groups’ leak list.

Wie teils desaströs die Lage ist, haben wir in unserer Lehrlingsserie Cyberien im Winterschlaf analysiert.

In our Cyberia in Hibernation trainee series 8german only), we analyzed how disastrous the situation is to some extent.



  • current figures (2020–05) of vulnerable systems with various security gaps, worldwide
--[ CVE-2020-0796 | MS SMBv3 RCE (SMBGhost) ]------------------------------

Total number of results:    130575

--[ CVE-2019-19781 | Citrix RCE (Shitrix) ]------------------------------

Total number of results:    5819

--[ CVE-2019-1653 | Cisco WAN VPN Router unauth access ]------------------------------

Total number of results:    7332

--[ CVE-2019-0708 | Windows RDP RCE (BlueKeep) ]------------------------------

Total number of results:    386229

--[ CVE-2019-11510 | PulseSecure VPN RCE ]------------------------------

Total number of results:    1226

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