DRS – DDoS Resiliency Score

zeroBS has been actively involved in the further development of this score since 2016.

Measuring and evaluating an ACTUAL and/or protection level.
[ official page: ddosresiliencyscore.org ]


2021: Attacker-Capabilities-Proposal

IT security solutions often have the problem that neither the level of protection (ACTUAL) nor the threat level can be measured and thus quantified.

For DDoS attacks and defences RedButton in 2015, zeroBS proposed a scoring method (DRS - DDoS Resiliency Score), in the further development of which zeroBS has been significantly involved since 2016 and the German version of which we present here.

DRS / About

The DDoS Resiliency Score is a standard for quantitatively and objectively assessing your own level of protection and comparing it with the current and changing threat situation.

With the help of the DRS, organisations can

In addition to the rather rigid scoring, we have suggested an update to the DRS that is based on the attacker's skills and thus allows for more dynamics, as transitions are also fluid here.

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