DDoS-Stresstest by zeroBS GMBH

Ensure the availability of your business operations with our cloud-based, state-of-the-art threat simulation platform.

Arm your business against threats such as IoT DDoS, Industrial DDoS, Cloud DDoS, Mobile DDoS with e.g. Layer 3 / Layer 7 attacks.
IT security made in Germany to secure your resources!

What can you expect from our simulation platform?

Assessing attack strength

Volume attacks with 10,000 nodes and 100 GB/s traffic (TCP, UDP, ICMP, GRE, DTLS)

Availability of vectors

50 attack vectors for Layer 3 and Layer 7 attacks, IoT or FullStackBrowser

Realisation in "real time"

IPv4 or IPv6, real-world simulation of real botnets and attack scenarios


Consulting by zeroBS GmbH

Leistungsnachweise und Compliance – zeroBS Gmbh

Performance records and compliance

We support companies and institutions with business-critical internet presences or specific audit requirements in the area of cyber security in the provision, implementation and organisation of all necessary proof of performance (including reports). Our focus is on developing and implementing a comprehensive security strategy to identify and minimise potential risks. In doing so, we take current threats into account and implement effective measures to protect sensitive data and critical systems in order to ensure the availability of services and resources. Our services are aimed at making our customers' digital infrastructure resistant to cyber attacks and establishing sustainable security practices.
You can enquire about the following standards and frameworks: NIS2, KRITISTISAXVDA-ISA, ISO/IEC 27001, ISA/IEC 62443, NIST SP800 also BSI IT-Grundschutz.

The new TISAX® VDA-ISA 6.0 catalogue has been published!

What sets us apart

zeroBS GmbH understands both the complexity of threat environments and the challenges involved in optimising your company systems and infrastructure. On this basis, we map attack vectors customised to your needs at various levels of intensity - individually and with integrity. 

To enable our customers to understand the respective level of protection in comparison to the threat situation, we use the DDoS Resiliency Score (DRS – see chart opposite).

Industries & sectors

Advantages DDoS-Stresstest

Take advantage of the opportunity to not only realistically assess your existing infrastructure on the basis of individual, failure-free DDoS stress tests, but also to proactively improve it.
DDoS-TEST – Know How

Methods for measurability, evaluation and comparability during / after a test.

THREAT LEVEL determination

Test own level of protection / proof of performance + location determination.

Optimized WORKFLOW

Workflow training with live monitoring under real attack conditions in real time.


Estimation of effects and costs as well as expenses in the event of a successful attack.

DDoS-Angriffe wurden im Jahr 2023 registriert.

References of our work

View screenshots of our platform here

Our services

In addition to the areas listed below, we offer both individual load tests and real-world simulations of attacker botnets at the highest level.

We are always ready to listen to your specific questions and requests regarding testing or other safety-related services: just get in touch!

Infrastructure DDoS

Attacks on networks (network attacks) and infrastructure with the current attack patterns.

Application DDoS

Attacks at application level or layer 7 for any TCP services, from IoT to browser bots


Targeted attacks as training for SOC/NOC and manufacturers (incl. recon / vulnerability analysis).


Load tests and customised attack scenario designs - according to customer specifications.

Measurable tests of your protection providers

All parameters documented, measured and independently verifiable in accordance with DRS.

Recreate / replay real attacks

According to the DFIR report, the type, manner and strength of attacks that have already taken place can be reproduced and mapped.

Performance records including reports

Provision and implementation of company-specific compliance requirements


About us

zeroBS GmbH - History

Founded 2017, the Kiel-based company is one of the leading service providers in the field of stress test simulations and IT security. Our employees are creative minds who underpin their 20 years of experience with a spirit of research and idealism in order to stay one step ahead of the constantly changing requirements in the field of electronic security!

zeroBS GmbH – Background
zeroBS GmbH supports and advises on topics relating to the "availability" of IT infrastructures with a special focus on infrastructures, also DDoS testing, process and architecture consulting as well as training employees for emergencies. We are the point of contact for operators of data centres, e-commerce, telecommunications, banking, insurance, administration, logistics, retail and gaming.

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